I’m always happy to receive feedback from readers and customers. And of course, I get asked a lot of questions about my natural remedies for Crohn’s disease, colitis, diverticulitis, and irritable bowel syndrome. So although I am legally prohibited from giving personal health advice, I am free to talk about my own experience and my protocols on my blog.

I also have a large, experienced customer service team who can quickly point you to the blog post, video, teleseminar, etc. that answers your question. We have also compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions over the years.  If you do not find the information you are looking for below, feel free to use the CHAT box on the site, or contact us via email or phone.

eBooks and Reports

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Healing IBD & IBS

In Listen To Your Gut, Jini Says: The fastest way to stop intestinal bleeding is to go on a completely liquid, pre-digested diet – this produces minimal fecal matter and gives the bowel a chance to rest and heal. A powerful herbal implant enema (Jini’s Healing Implant Enema) is also very effective for colonic bleeding. For small intestine bleeding, using supplements like MucosaCalm, aloe vera juice (no preservative, no additives and all the bitter/laxative components removed) and L-glutamine and NAG is also helpful. These same supplements also help heal the mucosal lining in the large intestine. See the Intestinal Bleeding symptom page for detailed instructions.

Jini Says: People with IBD have to be very careful when trying to clear infections or detox. Since their systems are so sensitive, protocols that are fine for most people will trigger a flare. Hence we want to stick with very specific supplements that have already been trial-tested by thousands with colitis or Crohn’s disease and proceed at a slow, gentle pace. You can use either Jini’s Wild Oregano Oil Protocol, followed by high dose probiotic supplementation, or olive leaf extract, or caprylic acid to accomplish this. See the Candida Yeast Infection symptom page for details.

Jini Says: Once I found formulas for both internal and external hemorrhoids that worked well for myself and my family, I called them HemorrHeal and gave them to my Wellness Circle members for further testing. In our experience, hemorrhoids are completely healed in most cases, but at the very least substantial relief is obtained. My own internal hemorrhoids (which I’d had for 6 years after the birth of my daughter) were completely healed in 7 days. It is now over a year and a half later and they have not come back, so I think it’s safe to say that HemorrHeal is also a long-term remedy! See the Hemorrhoids symptom page for all the instructions.

Jini Says:  Yes, we do have a tried and tested procedure you can use for abdominal strictures and adhesions, using DMSO, aloe vera, colloidal silver, potassium iodide and castor oil, that has worked for many to relieve pain and release an obstruction (especially when paired with the liquid or elemental diet for a few days). People who do both the internal and external treatments have been able to actually dissolve their scar tissue. See the Intestinal Stricture and Bowel Obstruction symptom page for full instructions. If you have a rectal or anal stricture, then see the Anal Stenosis and Stricture symptom page (go to HEAL YOUR SYMPTOMS).

Jini Says:  We have an awesome protocol for this using wild oregano oil – both oral and syringed – that has been trial-tested by hundreds of my readers. If you really want to speed healing, you also treat the fistula or abscess once or twice a day with an infrared laser. See the Anal Fistula page for full instructions.

Since MAP is present even in the water – it is not so much about strictly avoiding it, but in treating the dormant/active lifecycle and continuing to strengthen the gut microbiota so that even if briefly exposed, the gut is resistant. So you want do Jini’s Wild Oregano Oil protocol (can do this alongside colloidal silver) every 3 months, or whenever symptoms rise again (indicating an active phase) and continue with the high dose Natren probiotics. Having said that, the worst infestation of MAP is in commercial milk. So only use RAW grass-fed dairy and beef, raw cheese, etc. There are many suppliers on the internet, or you can check here: www.realmilk.com

The solution must NOT be refrigerated. Just keep it at room temperature. It’s best to seal or cover it well, so nothing else gets in there. But we don’t know what will happen to the solution if exposed to air… perhaps it will degrade, perhaps not. We don’t know. Jini has always kept the solution in dark glass dropper bottles or a dark glass bottle with a screw top lid.

If you don’t have any dark bottles, you can use a clean jar and then tape black construction paper around the outside to block out the light.

We’re very sorry, but Jini is not a licensed healthcare provider and is not legally able to give personal consultations.

You can, however, consult with a doctor or health practitioner who is familiar with Jini’s protocols:

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And lastly, Jini recently created this Short Sheet for how to work in all the supplements, if you are on The IBD Remission Diet, that many find really helpful: